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Saturdays with Smaug

This past weekend, I had the phenomenal pleasure of reuniting some of my dwarves for a trip to the movies to view The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug.  My students had been looking forward to this almost as soon as they had viewed The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey last December.  Peter Jackson’s tantalizing teasers and […]

The Results Are In

School has been in session for a month now and I must regretfully inform our readers that I have had zero opportunities for Teaching Tolkien.  Unfortunately, this school year has proved to be more data-driven, thus far, than last year.  I have spent the last month administering reading assessments to every language minority student in […]

A Little Night Music

School is underway and while I haven’t had a chance to begin reading instruction with any of my new students yet, I did have a chance to experience something special I would like to share with our Teaching Tolkien readers.  While I have watched Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of Tolkien’s works multiple times, last night […]

Appendix F: Hope for the Future

Today marks the completion of the Appendix posts for Teaching Tolkien and the end of summer for me.  I report for duty tomorrow for the beginning of a new school year, as teachers have a week of preparation time prior to students walking into the doors of our classroom.  I always have mixed feelings about the […]

Appendix D: Tolkien’s Touch

Perhaps one of the most profound results of the joint adventure my students and I shared in Middle-Earth was the way that Tolkien began to influence how we saw the world.  After spending six months engrossed in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, my students lived and breathed all things Tolkien.  They not only read […]

Appendix B: Tolkien Transformation

There is nothing that can substitute for reflection time and as I am reflecting this week on what lessons my students and I learned from reading Tolkien, the thought that comes foremost to my mind is how his works transformed all of us.  Any teacher who knows his/her students will tell you that no two […]