Archive | June, 2013

We Did It!!!

Today was a momentous occasion in my classroom, as my 13 limited English proficient dwarves completed the mission they set out to achieve in February.  In three and a half short months, these pre-adolescent students have read the entire Lord of the Rings and we have all loved every minute of it.  Rather than tell […]

Tell Me a Story

Mere days away from completing our goal, my students are ecstatic to finish.  Along with our reading and viewing today, the senior members of our Traveling Party (Bombur, Dwalin, Kili, and Bilbo) recorded their speeches.  These students are a little more sentimental about coming to the end of our journey because this is their last […]

What I Learned in School Today

With only six chapters remaining in Return of the King, the taste of victory is tangible for my students.  They are so proud of their accomplishments and have been reading and viewing up a storm to make sure we finish Lord of the Rings by the end of school this week.  While their devotion to […]

The Best Laid Plans…

Today my students and I had a tough decision to make.  Faced with the reality that our celebration picnic, which my students have been looking forward to for weeks, might not be attended by the majority of their families; we decided to call it off.  Many of their parents hold down multiple jobs, which require […]

I Have a Question

As my students and I have now made it to Return of the King, their interest in all things Tolkien continues to thrive.  The clear arrival of summer weather is allowing us to enjoy reading in the great outdoors.  While the lack of four walls is allowing my students to have a sense of no […]